Aug. 1st, 2007

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Turns out that the two centaur bad guys are easy to kill, once you understand how to reliably perform the adrenaline dodge.

The secret is not to treat it like a twitch game but to be running in plenty of time as the horse charges you. Then when time slows, you just tap the dodge button. I was doing the move/dodge combination in under half a second which isn't enough for Lara to actually be moving fast enough to roll out of the way.

The other thing which might help is to spot which of the centaurs is going to charge you: when an enemy rages, there's a small orange flash around their head. You can lock on (with L2) at that point to the one who is going to charge, which helps with camera angles etc. I have no idea if the lock is necessary to perform the head-shot, but having done this right the first time I tried it (thanks to Ruth for actually trawling through a million internet posts saying, "I cannot perform the adrenaline dodge!" until she found one with a useful description) I wasn't about to blow it on trying again.

Still can't use the move against the smaller raging monsters, but typically the shotgun to knock them down followed by the desert eagles to finish them off does the trick.


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